Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Intermediary Metabolism 2 Today's Class

Stress masuk kelas ni pagi tadi.

Dr. cakap dia nak buat review.

So, dia bagi soalan:
Explain on 'Hormonal control of glycogen metabolism'.

Lemah betul bila dia suruh pergi depan, explain guna whiteboard. Ha...
Tak ingat wei. huhu.

Dah lah tak ada drawing langsung dalam buku nota saya.


Just now, open past year paper and find out such question.

Year 2009/2010

Glycogen synthesis and degradation are reciprocally regulated. Show how this regulation is coordinated. (15 marks)

Same question in year 2012/2013, with 14 marks.

Year 2010/2011

Discuss the effect and the regulatory mechanisms by insulin in the reciprocal regulation of glycogen metabolism. (14 marks)


My job right now is:

Answer the question. Why? My instinct, this question topic may be come out in the final exam this June or second test. Be prepared.



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