Sunday, November 16, 2014

LOve, Laugh,Live with Cancer

Assalamualaikum. After long break, I write again.

Love with cancer,
Laugh with cancer, 
Live with cancer..

Its A BOOK. Done reading. 

I didn't bought this book, rather borrow from Perpustakaan Desa Kg. Kelubi. 
Small mini library with good book. Unless you don't like to explore the library. Why I wrote this in English? ...To ensure my English not gone like my Arabic language. Once you left language activities, your brain become numb. 

Actually, this is first book which I found a letter inside. From the writer, to all reader. Good job Madame Mezwyn. Reading this book make me understand better about cancer patients. Cancer do not recognize whether you're young, old, beautiful or ugly. When the cells start to grow without die, its horrible to you. We never imagine that right..

Beautiful illustration were present to make us understand cancer journey. For me, it's simple book making me realize something. Death is near us. Day to day, it come to us silently. 

This book inspiring me. Who ever you are, never lost hope to live. 

Now go live your life to the fullest.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Bertambah koleksi buku


Ahad lepas, 2 Muharam 1436H saya berkesempatan ke Sidang Kemuncak Penulis Malaysia di Darulaman Golf. Walaupun tak masuk ke tempat persidangan, ada jualan di bahagian luar.

Jualan buku dari Kedai Buku 1Malaysia dan Institut Terjemahan & Buku Malaysia. Mesti ada offer.

Bila pergi tempat seperti ini haruslah membeli buku yang murah. =) Maka bertambahlah koleksi buku-buku yang belum dibaca.